A New Generation Veteran Support Network

Maintaining our Heritage


To support the transition, health and wellbeing of all veterans and their families so that they feel valued and can attain stability in life after service.


Note: The APPVA definition of veteran includes ADF veterans, first responders who have deployed on peacekeeping operations or were formerly ADF, and any civilian who has deployed on peacekeeping or peacemaking operations such as DFAT members, the Australian Electoral Commission and civilian peace monitors.

Our Core Values


To engage with like minded veterans and veteran community organistions because together we can pool our resources and give a greater representation of veterans to the Commonwealth.


To respect the contributions made by participants in modern operations and demonstrate this by appointing younger veterans to representational positions and giving them ownership.


To connect all stakeholders through services that are purpose built to give professional represent all who do not feel they have a voice locally or nationally, and to disseminate issues and information.

Our Point of Difference

We believe that the veteran community deserves a unified voice to bring about positive change because the ways of the past are now irrelevant.

We provide all members of the veteran and veteran family community with a single trusted source of truth.  We take your concerns, unfiltered, to the Commonwealth, and we represent you.

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that no veteran or their family feels underrepresented or isolated

Our National Network

We are one element of a national network, with each component having its subject matter expertise.

This allows each of us to support each other and provide optimised services to veterans and their families as well as the wider veteran support network.  We have preferred medical partners who react rapidly to a need and must meet a minimum standard.

Most importantly, all veteran organisations are welcome with the only condition being to demonstrate a defined standard of governance and we will help you through it.

We are all part of the one Community and each organisation keeps its Identity


Our Community consists of veteran and veteran family members, carers, and the organisations that care for us all.  How to become an Affiliate Member is described below.

Certified Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members being Assessed

Certified Veteran Support Organisations

Veteran Support Organisations being assessed

Become an Affiliate Member

Our Affiliate Members’ Program creates a collaborative environment where organisations supporting veterans, their families, carers, and the wider veteran support network can come together as a unified force. By joining hands, we create a safe and strong community that can accomplish great things together.

Founding Affiliate Members

The Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Veterans’ Association would like to recognise the following four ex-service organisations who had the moral courage to stand up with our organisation and challenge the root cause of veteran issues.  Against all odds “Simon prevailed against Goliath”.


on line health check

Interactive webinars

Resource Hub

Direct phone Support

Assistance with Grants

Membership CRM system

Discounted Insurance

More about our Affiliate Program



Projects are a key comonent of our activities and we lead where we can in arease such as:

  • jointly developing new policies and procedures with DVA,
  • driving transformative change to support the veteran and veteran family communities, and
  • working with modern leaders from ourcommunity and the veteran support newtork.
  • who are actively working to improve conditions for the community and its supporters.

Our Projects

Free Webinars

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Webinar recordings are now also available in the Resources Hub to watch on demand.

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