9 November 2022 – Brisbane
Australian Veteran Community Symposium
900am to 5pm
Venue: The Terrace Room in the Hotel Grand Chancellor 23 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill QLD 4000.

Cost: Free

Catering: Fully catered

The Objectives

The Objectives of the day are to:

  • agree that the current Veteran Support System is not fit-for-purpose and requires fundamental reform then
  • discard the current system and describe what a veteran and veteran family will experience in a new veteran compensation and rehabilitation system designed by veterans p, their families and our support network,
  • agree on one option for a single approach to governance for the Veteran Support System,
  • define the list of veteran and veteran family issues that the attendees see as the most important to the community, to describe them and to priroitise them, and
  • define the issues associated with the Veteran Support Network and prioritise them.

Participant Characteristics

In order to participate you and your organisation must:

  • agree that the current system of veteran compensation, rehabilitation and governance is not fit for purpose and be prepered to describe a new veteran compensation and rehabilitation system based on what our community would like to experience if injured, or contracted an illness, as a result of service in the ADF after 2023,
  • be agile in thinking and able to focus on rapidly getting to the objectives of the day as opposed to becoming focussed on minor detail or becoming stuck on the myth that DVA is too large to change or the myth that a single veteran legislation is impossible,
  • be capable of acting in the interests of the veteran community without a hidden agenda,
  • be capable of participating in robust discussions where there is binding trust between all participants, trust that will ensure that no one is offended by robust discussion,
  • have the courage to develop documents similar to board papers that challenge the status quo and present solutions without fear or unnecessary bureaucratic delay,
  • be ready to lead thought groups during the day so we have concurrent activity, and
  • have as an overall objective the authority to sign a document at the end of the day to be presented to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, The Human Rights Commissioner, the Secretary DVA and to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.


Attendance at the Australian Veteran Community Symposium in Brisbane will be by Expression of Interest and limited to 45 people.  You must be a veteran, a veteran family member, a member of the community that provides wellness services to our community, and attend in your own right or representing an organisation.

Successful attendees will be invited after selection by three veterans who served post 2000 in the Middle East Area of Operations and two who served at other locations and times.

Coordination Instruction

Click here to read the coordination instrucion


Click here to read the Agenda

Would you like to Attend?

Please email your name, and contact details to ian.lindgren@australianveterancommunity.com.au.

If you would like to be a veteran on the selection team to consider the expressions of interest; use this form to volunteer.


Australian Veteran Community Symposium Perth

We are currently arranging a symposium one a day in November 2022.