Our Purpose

To inspire, unite and support all veterans and their families so that they feel valued and can attain stability in life after service.


One Trusted

By uniting like-minded individuals and organisations, including all those who support our community we are transforming the veteran and veteran family landscape for the greater good.

Our promise is to provide an unwavering commitment to all veterans and their families because no veteran or veteran family should ever feel isolated or under represented.

National Network

National Network of Veteran
and Medical Organisations

Our national network provides wellbeing, advocacy and compensation support selecting the right affiliate organisation to meet your needs no matter where you are located.

Our network of medical professionals provides access to General Practitioner medical support for urgent needs within a day or so and for urgent psychological care needs.

Excellence and Compliance

Excellence in Governance
and Compliance

Our well defined governance framework sets the highest standards of excellence in governance and compliance.  Membership is open to all veterans, veteran familiies and Australians who support our community.

Reciprical membership is automatic is you are member of an affiliate organisation.


Certified Affiliate

Affiliate organisations are very welcome and will retain their identity while being part of a larger trusted community. 

Affiliiate membership is based on first completing  an assessment that covers governannce, compliance, safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children, financial management, and responsible expenditure of grants.


Our wellbeing advocates link you and your family with government, private sector and community-based service-providers for whole of veteran life.

Our advocates assist veterans, and their families to prepare and present their case to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs as well as assisting with disability payments, war widows, pensions, and service pensions.

The National Register of Veteran Issues

Our national register of veteran and veteran family issues includes items raised by our support network, and we invite you to upload any issues you feel need attention. We pass these on to relevant government departments, such as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, other state/territory bodies, and the Commonwealth Government, and we follow up on their progress until they are resolved.

National Register of wellbeing and Advocate issues

The national register of wellbeing support officers’ and advocates’ issues are raised by all affiliate organisations we work with.  We pass the issues on to the advocate regional managers and then work with DVA to follow their progress until they are resolved.  It is important that these issues are transparent because that promotes acountability and visibility across the veteran and veteran family community.

The National veteran Register of dva and veteran performance

This significant register is our communal subjective opinion of how well DVA and the veteran community is progressing towards an intended objective, and these are known as Key Performance Indicators of KPIs. Objectives and Key Results, (OKRs), relate to our achievements against business plans every year. It is important to work as a team with DVA because it promotes trust, good culture and two way accountability.