Honour Wall

Australian Defence and Police Forces Personnel Killed in Action or Died on Duty

The hazards of being deployed on even the smallest mission can be greater than expected. We remember all who have made the ultimate sacrifice since the commencement of Australia’s commitment to peacekeeping and peacemaking missions in 1947.

Legend: * Posthumous recipients of the Dag Hammarskjold Medal described at the base of the Honour Wall

Private William WilsonArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR30-Jul-53UNKMACKorea
Private Neville ShepherdArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR16-Sep-53UNKMACJapan
Telegrapher William DavisRAN HMAS Murchison10-Jan-54UNKMACJapan
Private Ronald LeighArmy (RAINF) 2 RAR2-Feb-54UNKMACJapan
Lance Corporal Albert HaymesArmy (RAINF) 2 RAR6-Feb-54UNKMACKorea
Private James CarterArmy (RAINF) RAR22-Feb-54UNKMACJapan
Leading Electrical Mechanic Kenneth NelsonRAN HMAS Sydney6-Mar-54UNKMACJapan
Private George InnesArmy (RAINF) RAR5-May-54UNKMACJapan
Pilot Officer Henry AndrewsRAAF31-May-54UNKMACKorea
Private Brian WallerArmy (RAINF) 1 RAR25-Jul-54UNKMACJapan
Captain Garth JarmanArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR27-Jul-54UNKMACKorea
Private James CoatsworthArmy (RAINF) RAR18-Aug-54UNKMACJapan
Private John KaneArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR20-Aug-54UNKMACJapan
Captain John KolliasArmy (RAAC)16-Sep-54UNKMACJapan
Private Ian BevisArmy (RAINF) 1 RAR2-Jan-56UNKMACKorea
Signalman Clive McArthurArmy (RASIGS)30-Jan-56UNKMACJapan
Sergeant John NowellArmy (RASIGS)24-Nov-56UNKMACJapan
* Lieutenant General Robert Nimmo, CBEArmy4-Jan-66UNMOGIP & UNIPOMKashmir (India/Pakistan)
* Sergeant Llewellyn ThomasAustralian Federal Police26-Jul-69UNFICYP AUSCIVPOLCyprus
* Inspector Patrick HackettAustralian Federal Police29-Aug-71UNFICYP AUSCIVPOLCyprus
* Captain Peter McCarthyArmy (RACT)12-Jan-88UNTSOLebanon
Lance Corporal Shannon McAlineyArmy (RAINF) 1 RAR2-Apr-93Operation SOLACE (UNITAF)Somalia
* Major Susan FelsheArmy (RAAMC)21-Jun-93Operation CEDILLA Army (MINURSO)Western Sahara
Lance Corporal Russell EisenhuthArmy (RACT) 26 Tpt Sqn17-Jan-00INTERFETEast Timor
Lance Corporal Shawn LewisArmy (RAEME) 145 Sig Sqn20-May-00Operation BEL ISI (II)Bougainville, PNG
* Corporal Stuart JonesArmy (RAAC) 2 Cav Regt (Recon)9-Aug-00UNTAETEast Timor
Sergeant Andrew RussellArmy (RAINF) SASR16-Feb-02Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Protective Service Officer Adam DunningAustralian Federal Police22-Dec-04RAMSISolomon Islands
Private Jamie ClarkArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR (Para)10-Mar-05RAMSISolomon Islands
Leading Seaman Scott BennetRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Sergeant Wendy JonesRAAF2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Petty Officer Stephen SlatteryRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Lieutenant Matthew DaveyRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Lieutenant Matthew GoodallRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Lieutenant Paul KimlinRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Lieutenant Jonathon KingRAN2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Flight Lieutenant Lynne RowbottomRAAF2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Squadron Leader Paul McCarthyRAAF2-Apr-05Operation SUMATRA ASSIST IINias Island Indonesia
Warrant Officer Class Two David NaryArmy (RAINF) SASR6-Nov-05Operation CATALYSTKuwait
Private Jacob KovcoArmy (RAINF) 3 RAR (Para)21-Apr-06Operation CATALYSTIraq
Trooper Joshua PorterArmy (RAINF) SASR29-Nov-06Operation QUICKSTEPFiji
Trooper David PierceArmy (RAAC) 2/14 LHR MI8-Oct-07Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sergeant Matthew Locke, MGArmy (RAINF) SASR25-Oct-07Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Ashley BakerArmy (RAINF) 2 RAR7-Nov-07Operation SLIPPERTimor Leste
Private Luke WorsleyArmy (RAINF) 4 RAR (Cdo)23-Nov-07Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lance Corporal Jason MarksArmy (RAINF) 4 RAR (Cdo)27-Apr-08Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Signalman Seam McCarthyArmy (RASIGS) SASR8-Jul-08Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lieutenant Michael FussellArmy (RAA) 4 RAR (Cdo)27-Nov-08Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Rifleman Stuart NashBritish Army 1st Battalion, The Rifles17-Dec-08Operation HERRICKAfghanistan
Private Gregory SherArmy (RAINF) 1 Cdo Regt4-Jan-09Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Corporal Mathew HopkinsArmy (RAINF) 7 RAR16-Mar-09Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sergeant Britt TillArmy (RAE) Incident Response Regt19-Mar-09Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sapper Jacob MoerlandArmy (RAE) 2 CER7-Jun-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sapper Darren SmithArmy (RAE) 2 CER7-Jun-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Timothy AplinArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt21-Jun-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Benjamin ChuckArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt21-Jun-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Scott PalmerArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt21-Jun-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Nathan BewesArmy (RAINF) 6 RAR9-Jul-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Trooper Jason BrownArmy (RAINF) SASR14-Aug-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Tomas DalesArmy (RAINF) 6 RAR20-Aug-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Grant KirbyArmy (RAINF) 6 RAR20-Aug-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lance Corporal Jared MacKinneyArmy (RAINF) 6 RAR25-Aug-10Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Protective Service Officer Ronald LewisAustralian Federal Police2-Dec-10RAMSISolomon Islands
Corporal Richard AtkinsonArmy (RAE) 1 CER2-Feb-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sapper Jamie LarcombeArmy (RAE) 1 CER20-Feb-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sergeant Brett Wood, MGArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt23-May-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lance Corporal Andrew JonesArmy (AACC) 9 FSB30-May-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lieutenant Marcus CaseArmy (AAAvn) 6 Avn Regt30-May-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sapper Rowan RobinsonArmy (RAE) Incident Response Regt6-Jun-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sergeant Todd LangleyArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt4-Jul-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Matthew LambertArmy (RAINF) 2 RAR22-Aug-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Craftsman Beau PridueArmy (RAEME) 8 CSSB15-Sep-11Operation ASTUTEEast Timor
Lance Corporal Luke GavinArmy (RAINF) 2 RAR29-Oct-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Corporal Ashley BirtArmy (RAE) 1 Topo Svy Sqn29-Oct-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Captain Bryce DuffyArmy (RAA) 4 Fd Regt29-Oct-11Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
* Sergeant Brett KinlochAustralian Federal Police14-Feb-12UNMITEast Timor
Sergeant Blaine DiddamsArmy (RAINF) SASR2-Jul-12Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Sapper James MartinArmy (RAE) 2 CER29-Aug-12Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Robert PoateArmy (RAINF) 6 RAR29-Aug-12Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Private Nathanael GalagherArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt30-Aug-12Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Corporal Cameron Baird, VC, MGArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt22-Jun-13Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Lance Corporal Todd ChidgeyArmy (RAINF) 2 Cdo Regt1-Jul-14Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
Corporal Scott SmithArmy (RAE) Special Operations Engineer Regt21-Oct-21Operation SLIPPERAfghanistan
The Dag Hammerskjöld Medal

The Dag Hammerskjöld Medal 

The Dag Hammerskjöld Medal was approved by the United Nation Security Council in July 1997 as a tribute to the sacrifice of women and men, military and civilian, from all over the world who lost their lives while serving with United Nations peacekeeping operations. The medal’s debut in Fall 1998 honoured the 50th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Louis Nelson designed the palm sized ovoid crystal medal to commemorate the fragility, purity, and strength of those lost lives. Its shape emphasizes the value of life easily held in the palm of one’s hand as a posthumous benediction, not to be worn, but to be displayed in a family home.

The medal is named after Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, who died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in September 1961.